Delta Delta Delta

Theta Alpha Chapter at University of Washington

Chapter Officers

Lauren Roberts


Tri Delta has become my home away from home. It has given me true friends, fun memories, and space to grow. I am honored and excited to serve as chapter president to a group of such intelligent, empowered women, and hope to give back to this chapter all that it has given me.

Taylor Pederson

Vice President of Administration

As a member of Tri Delta, I am surrounded by strong, intelligent, and supportive women who have empowered and inspired me to be the best version of myself. I am honored to serve as my chapter’s Vice President of Administration and hope to give back to the house that has already given me so much in just one year.

Anna Gabbert

Vice President of Chapter Development

As a member of Tri Delta, I am surrounded by a group of women who accept me for who I am and inspire me every day to be the best version of myself. I love contributing to the chapter that has become my second home.

Sophie Schmidt

Vice President of Membership

Tri Delta has surrounded me with intelligent, supportive, and all around graceful women who constantly push me to be my best self. I’m honored to serve as this year’s Vice President of Membership and give back to the chapter everything it has given me. I am extremely excited to meet and recruit the future members of Tri Delta who embody these same ideals and add even more diversity and love to our sisterhood.

  • Major: Communications

Emma Morse

Vice President of Finance

I am extremely excited for the opportunity to give back to the house that has already given me so much in my two years! Serving as the Vice President of Finance for this upcoming year means that I get to work with the women of our chapter and ensure that the day-to-day financial needs of our big brick house are met.

Mac Comerford

Vice President of Public Relations

I have found a second home at Tri Delta, and I am so excited to be an officer this coming year. I can't wait to share how wonderful all of the girls here are on social media for everyone else to see!

Sophia Pellegrini


Coming from out of state, I hoped to find my home away from home. Tri Delta has provided just that, and so much more. I am surrounded by strong and supportive women, all of which I am excited to give back to as Secretary.

Makayla Dehmer

Philanthropy Chair

There is no better organization we would want to stand behind than St. Jude. I am excited to organize events that will help us make a change in people's life!

  • Major: Psychology

Meredith Reitter

Academic Chair

I am extremely excited about the opportunity to be Academic Chairman for this upcoming year. Serving as an academic resource to the chapter while also offering support in navigating their college experiences is a challenge I am eager to conquer. I cannot wait to recognize all the amazing academic accomplishments the members of Theta Alpha achieve in this next year!

Anna Tierney

New Member Educator

I remember how much I admired the new member educator when I just joined Tri Delta and I have nothing but amazing things to remember her by. Now, I cannot wait to help our new member class feel welcomed and make their transition seamless.

  • Major: Business

Olivia Dilliberti

Alumni Relations Chair

Serving Tridelta and UW Panhellenic has shaped my vision of female empowerment and equity at the university-level. Having a sisterhood of driven, assertive, and brilliant women in the business world has motivated me to be the best version of myself. Tridelta nurtures collegiate women into powerful role models and leaders: I wouldn’t be at this place in my personal and professional life without my Delta loves!

  • Major: Business
  • concentration: Marketing

Daisy Bradanini

Social Chair

I'm excited about this position because I'm eager to build strong relationships with other fraternities and sororities. I also love that I get to plan our formals and grab a date functions, and I hope to make them unforgettable events that everyone enjoys!

  • Email:
  • Major: Law, Societies, and Justice
  • Major: Communications

Kelly Murphy

Sisterhood Chair

I'm excited to be sisterhood chair because it gives me the chance to reach out to every pledge class and be a voice that can encourage all the girls in our house to step beyond their normal circles and pursue more relationships. I’m also really excited to bring fresh new ideas and help create new sisterhood traditions!

  • Major: Spanish
  • Major: Law, Societies, and Justice

Julianne Suvack

Activities Chair

Tri Delta has empowered me to be a better person with the amazing women that I am surrounded by. I am so lucky to have the chance to serve in a leadership position and continue to grow as a person and as a leader. I could not imagine my college experience without this house or the women I share it with and am so lucky to spend 4 years here. It is truly my home and I can’t wait to meet the future MC’s and see how much we grow as women and as a house.

Haley Coulombe


Tri Delta has given me endless support and friendship, so I am so excited to give back to my chapter by serving as Treasurer. Holding this position gives me the opportunity to ensure the house is run well and to work closely with the other officers who I look up to.

Erin Xu

Reference Chair

I'm excited about my positions because I get to play a big part of welcoming the newest pledge class into our home and creating a legacy for Tri Delta that we can all be proud of. It is very exciting to think about all the great girls who will be moving in next year who reflect the values of our house and will add their own amazing individuality.

Lauren Richards

Music Chair

I'm so excited to be a part of and work alongside these officers. Every woman is strong, intelligent, motivated, and determined to make a change. I've truly been surrounded by the most amazing people and I have so much respect for everyone in Tri Delta. By being an officer, I am inspired and cannot wait to give back to the home that has given me so much.

Callie Lind

Body Image Chair

A healthy body image is so important for us girls! Feeling good about yourself can affect mental health, performance in school, and overall well-being. I’m excited to play a part in creating a happy, healthy chapter!

Mia Whitney

Licensing Chair

As a Tridelta, wearing my letters has always been a source of excitement. Making merchandise that allows people to share their membership creatively and aesthetically is something I am very passionate about. I can't think of a more simple, yet impactful way to show my pride in this organization than to wear it on my sleeve (literally!)

  • Major: Business

Kiyomi Boyes

Diversity Chair

As diversity chair, I love that I am able to educate our community about diversity because it is so important. I hope that I am able to be a leader through this role and make changes within our Greek community!

Kennedy Magner

Continuing Education Chair

After having a position for the first time last year, I realized how rewarding it is to be role model and leader in the house. As Continuing Education Chair this year, I am excited to be able to make our seniors feel loved and special as their time with this house comes to an end. Being a part of Tri Delta is such an amazing opportunity and I want to make sure our senior’s last few memories here are as sweet as their past years with this house.

Krysten Selock

House Manager

I am extremely excited to hold a position for my chapter for the 2019 school year. Being my second year of college, as well as my second year as a member of Tri Delta, I feel ready to be in a leadership position for this chapter. I am most excited to be more heavily involved with the people in the house, and the physical house itself. Tri Delta has given me so much already, and this opportunity is just one more on the list. I can't wait to see what lies ahead as House Manager this year.

  • Major: Psychology

Christina Williams

Sponsor Chair

Tri delta has given me many great friendships and I hope that as sponsor chair, I will be able to help the new members find these same friendships!

Lilly Chirichigno

Chapter Correspondent

Having the opportunity to be chapter correspondent allows me to communicate with not only the theta alpha chapter of Tri Delta, but with the greek community and university as well.

  • Major: Engineering