Living Experience


Tri Delta facilities provide a home away from home to many. Our members embrace the ideal of friendship and value self-respect as they are free to be themselves, form strong friendships and have their current friendships grow stronger while spending time with each other in one of our chapter locations. 


Tri Delta fosters academic excellence. By providing our members with quiet study spaces, academic resources, modern amenities and Wi-Fi throughout the facility, our members are able to focus on their academics and learn in a comfortable and supportive environment.


Outside the classroom, Tri Delta members are boldly leading the way and are actively involved on their campuses and in their communities. Tri Delta spaces support their leadership and allow members to grow into the best version of themselves.

The opportunity to live in the chapter house as a new member is unique to the University of Washington’s campus. Being able to comfortably live with over 80 women in our home helps foster closer relationships and create a home away from home. 

Every year on bid day, we welcome home our new members and help them move in. New members sleep in our spacious and cozy porch alongside their member class. With 24/7 dark and quiet, members can rest as they please at any time of day.

As a way to introduce and help them build relationships with upperclassmen, their closets are located in an upperclassman's room. A few members will have move their belongings into the Formal Closet, lovingly nicknamed so because member's large formal dresses were kept there in the early 1900s. Closets are large with both hanging space and drawer space.

To promote and establish an area for academic success, each new member will receive a desk in our study lounge. With drawers and shelves, as well as personal bulletin boards, members can personalize their own space as well as store school supplies or other belongings. The study lounge is a treasured space for members to bond during late nights studying. Our formal living room is another beloved space for quiet studying.

Our house also undergoes renovations each summer while members are away. Recent projects include new hardware flooring, updated bathrooms, new furniture, and a luxurious patio. Our patio, or "Delta Beach" as members call it, is perhaps the most popular space for Trideltas during sunny days in Seattle. With large tables to study and eat lunch on, as well as outdoor sofas and lounge chairs, members can hangout and relax or get their study on. During typical rainy Seattle weather, members cozy up inside in our deluxe television room. From away football games, to the Bachelorette, to Harry Potter marathons, the TV room is a great space to unwind with sisters. It's not uncommon to find our house mom making popcorn for special nights!